Friday, January 17, 2020

Fast Food or Dine in Debate Essay

The dispute over whether fast food or a Dine-in meal is just more practical, and better in general for our everyday lives is a reoccurring debate in America in a time where health issues are at an all time high. Some people argue the point that fast food maybe the unhealthier of the two choices. Others would make the rebuttal that they can equally be a knock on your health meter. In this paper I would like to explore these debates and find common ground between the two. According to QSR magazine (QSR; Drive-thru performance study, 2009) the average time it takes you to receive your food though take-out is one hundred and thirty-four seconds. If you refer to the same magazine it also tells you that most of the Top dine-in restaurants take anywhere from 12-30 minutes average for a family meal. For this sole reason alone many Americans who have busy lives prefer to make quick stops at fast food joints on lunch breaks. In today’s society we live on the go, and we would like our technology and food to be the same way. Restaurant tycoon McDonalds has made put a substantial margin of space between it and any of its competitions annual income. McDonalds Net worth is fifteen billion dollars, more than double the net worth of the most popular dine-in according to the â€Å"Super size me† documentary (super size me, Sundance films, 2004) . The fact that fast food sales outweigh dine-in sales through out the world does not mean necessarily that this choice and source of food is better for you. Or does it?

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