Sunday, February 2, 2020

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition Research Paper

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition - Research Paper Example The exhibition serves both as a source of education and a source of inspiration for the contemporary fashion designers. In addition to that, the exhibition was also a very informative and entertaining show for the students of Fashion Designing. The exhibition exhibited more than 70 accessories and about 100 ensembles from the prolific career of McQueen from his career ranged over 19 years (â€Å"About the Exhibition†). The audience leaves the show confused because the fashion that reflected from the models’ outfits represented McQueen’s varying states of mind at different points in time. Such exhibitions are hard to watch because of the conflict between the overt expression of such sensitive themes as vulgarity and the cultural conservatism of the audiences. Despite all their absurdity, one thing that adds to their appeal of the clothes displayed in the exhibition is that they have been designed keeping the different kinds of weather and seasons into consideration. For example, there are clothes made in net to be worn during the summer season whereas there is a whole furry range for the winter season. One theme that was commonly observed in all of his outfits was that they were inspired by birds; pigeon , peacock, and hen to name a few. While watching the show, it is hard for the audiences to predict what is coming up next or even how they feel about it. I chose this topic because McQueen’s fashion show stands out from the queue of traditional fashion shows because of a number of reasons. I have personally never found a fashion show so dramatic, appealing, and at the same time, controversial. It was something very unusual so I wanted to share it with others. If I was in charge, one thing that I would like to change is nudity. I would at least cover up all the private parts of the models in respect of our cultural values of modesty and conservatism.  

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