Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Analyzing the Marketing Environment Essays

Analyzing the Marketing Environment Essays Analyzing the Marketing Environment Paper Analyzing the Marketing Environment Paper The faster the device is or the larger the screen and ore compact it is the faster people buy them. With todays changes in technology, the sky is the limit. If it can be imagined it can be made. As the demand for more advanced high tech products hits the market, the demand grows even larger. Companies that manufacture such products have planned the next generation Of each new product to keep the demand for these gadgets by advertising newer and better features. Last years model may still be stored in a warehouse somewhere and this years model is being, advertised to hit the market in a matter of months. By saturating, the market with a particular reduce prompts the techno junkies to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on that new model of cell phone computer or POD. Corporations depend on this so they promote sales to clear out warehouse to make room for the next big thing. In the auto world as the demand for smarter more technology advanced vehicles are, advertised the greater the demand is by the consumers. More people want the latest and greatest additions specifically young single people who work multiple jobs and need a vehicle that will give them 40 gallons to the mile or 500 hundred miles per tank. Young married couples are not to, be left out of the equation either. As we see advertised on n. the young couple with one or two children and a dog help to sell the idea that a specific model of car is what should, be driven to express the point that this car is what should be purchased because it is the right one to buy. In this advertisement, you have what every new married couple of wants a safe, good looking and economical vehicle. Auto companies market this idea to this group of people to sell a particular type car. By showing, the dashboard with the built in GAPS ND other safety features people go to the show rooms to see all of the new technology. Taking a test drive to realize what the gadgets can do helps to make the sale. Cars and Subs are almost like home on the road these days they will accommodate most of our needs according to which extras are included when the vehicle is ordered. Each of the many automotive companies must know what the other company is doing to sell the customer their product. So they make specific changes to a type of technology in there vehicle. These changes can be similar but different in regards to placement and nonviolence. On the other hand it maybe a new; innovation for this model vehicle. One of the newer advancements sold by automakers is the hands free phone system. This system is not exactly supported by the government according to a, web article from intranet magazine The Week. Loads crusade against testing while driving was bad enough, but this draconian ban is ridiculous. It wont make roads safer cell phone bans in three states didnt reduce accidents -? its just the latest intrusion by the federal government into a matter better left up to the states. Staff, 2010) However, many people who are responsible drivers would tell you that this feature is necessary. Having the ability to dial, answer and talk on your cell phone by voice control without using your hands is a welcome addition in this busy world of constant communication. Not having to hold the phone, dial and talk on it while driving is very safe for driv ers who understand the consequences. To push the point a little further as new, innovations make cars smarter they also demand that the driver be more, informed about how to use these improvements properly and safely. With any new product sold to the public trial and error will prove its reliability. If a new product or improvement to a specific car fails or causes the driver or its passenger to get hurt due to this failure. The rest of the automotive world will take note and take the necessary steps to change or repair the system that may be at fault if there, system works in the same fashion via the recall process. Once all of the changes are, made and the car is deemed, safe again. We may see a new automaker at the next years auto show featuring their new product with these improvements for this system.

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