Monday, November 4, 2019

Interactivity Enhancing Learning Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Interactivity Enhancing Learning - Case Study Example First is the use of the social media which is normally a personalized method and involve the use of weblogs and blogs that help give the learning children a ground to share and express their thoughts and ideas with their peers and other members of the society. Though highly criticized, social media such as my space and Facebook help connect millions and millions of learners who share information and other learning materials. Therefore the social media is credited with the creation of the global network of knowledge sharing that incorporate learners, teachers and other knowledge minded people. Secondly, interactive learning has taken advantage of urban computing technology like the wireless network, smartphones, search engines and other location-based media. These methods allow the competent and high level of interactivity between the people themselves and sometimes with their environment. The technology gives the learners easier time to assimilate knowledge that can be localized. Finally is the intelligent but complex use of serious games that create a virtual world by creating room for role commanding and community interaction. Games help in critical and analytical thinking, cooperation and problem-solving concept development. Research shows that game provides an excellent way of improving one's problem-solving ability; develop creativity, leadership quality, collaboration and other interpersonal skills (Milheim, 1995). According to (Bullard,2014) the adoption and introduction of technology like use of computers have improved both children and adult education through improving the social and the cognitive skills and at the same time enhance children technology skills. According to report from the international society for technology in education (ISTE) the use of technology improve the children through: i) use of devices such as mouse, keyboards, Audiotape and other technologies help develop thinking ability; ii).

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